Fish Cabinet

Head Herring (Commodore)                          Dennis Glackin

Second Smelt (Vice Commodore)               Bob Foley

Founder/Kipper (Minutes, Correspondence)           Gary Nylander

Goldfish (Treasurer)                                            Bill Morrison

Grouper (Social Events)                                    Leslie Morrison

Flounder (Race Committee)                            Larry Robinson

Shark (Scoring)                                                        Bradley Hower

Barracuda (Handicaps)                                       Gary Nylander

Red Herring (Protests)                                        Fritz Moritz

Canned Herring (Past Head Herring)         Jeep Jallade

Electric Eel (Website)                                           Bradley Hower

Starfish (Trophies)                                                  Charlie Barranco

A sailing club affiliated with the Miles River Yacht Club, St. Michaels MD